Mar. 4th, 2014

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This is a community for supporting podficcers through [community profile] amplificathon's annual amplificathon challenge, a points based challenge designed to encourage more podfic, specifically of fandoms and pairings that don't already have (much) podfic.

This comm is not officially associated with amplificathon, it was created by me, [personal profile] paraka, who regularly participates in the challenge as a way for challenge participants and followers to encourage each other.

I hope this comm can be a place where people can come when they're stuck, or want some cheerleading, for inspiration, or a kick in the butt to work on making podfic.

Note: While this comm was made to support those participating in amplificathon, if you're not participating in the challenge, but would like to join in and be supported, you're totally welcome to! The more the merrier!

Amplificathon Icons
Baby Animal Feedback Graphics
Cover Me: Share or Receive Podfic Cover Art!
Find a Beta Post
Story Finding Post
Technical Questions Post

Amplificathon Official Posts
Calculating Points
Fandom/Pairing Points
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This is your Daily Support Post. You can comment here, talking about your project and plans, what you hope to accomplish or what you succeed in accomplishing. You can ask for help and advice or arrange productivity sprints.
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This post will be updated once the 2014 rules for [community profile] amplificathon are posted, but for now it's safe to assume that they won't deviate terribly from past years. That means fandoms and parings which aren't already on the Audiofic Archive will get the most points. And fandoms which aren't the top podficced ones will get the next most points.

The Official Rules for amplificathon are now up! Check out these posts to find out about calculating points and the specifica points by fandom/pairing.

This post is a place where people can suggest high points fic, or request fic recs in/with specific fandoms/pairings.

Stories with permission already given (either through author blanket permission, or because an author is preemptively giving permission, through, say, self reccing) are super useful! You can check to see if an author has BP by checking out the Blanket Permission to Podfic list on Fanlore. [personal profile] fire_juggler also creates fandom-specific lists based off the names on Fanlore that people might find helpful.
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Maybe you've been thinking: Amplificathon is coming! Posting time is nigh! My podfic is naked!


Or maybe this has been running through your head lately: I have so much free time lately! I want to MAKE something! I feel the need… the need for PhotoShop! Whatever can I do to fill all my free time?


Well, worry no longer, my friend: COVER ME! An Emergency Podfic Coverart Meme is here to save the day!




How It Works


1. Leave a post below with all the pertinent info.


- the podficcer's name

- the author's name

- the story title

- the fandom

- a link to the fic


2. Tell your friends where to find the awesome (snag a banner to share the joy).


3. Look through the comments for podfics that need art. Make some art. Make someone smile.


4. Someone will reply to your post with delicious podfic coverart realness, that you can attach to your podfic and pimp out all over the place.




Remember, this will only work if everyone chips in, so PIMP THIS MEME. Grab a banner and share the love. The more, the merrier!


Banners For Sharing The Joy )


Whether you've recorded an hours-long epic with grand sweeping plot arcs, or it's your first-ever podfic of just two minute long, everyone's welcome. Leave a post in the comments!


Whether you're a seasoned Photoshop veteran, with hundreds of covers under your belt, or you're new to coverart, and want to practice your skills on someone else's podfic… all artists are welcome. Come aboard - let's make something awesome!

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Leave a comment here to either offer or ask for podfic beta help!
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If you need help or have any technical questions, this is the post to ask them!


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