Mar. 6th, 2014

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Sometimes, you listen to a podfic...and you love it....and it made your life better and more joyous for having listened to it... but then it comes time to leave feedback, and your brain freezes up. And with Amplificathon 2014 coming up in less than two weeks, you can feel free to multiply that brain freeze by a factor of ten.

"What do I say?" you wonder.

"How can I express my joy without sounding like a stalker?" you worry.

"Why can't I words?" you fret.

Well, sigh no more, my fellow podfic appreciators. Inspired in part by [personal profile] argentumlupine's podfic feedback ecards - and in part by my love of terrible puns - I made up some graphics to ease your podfic-feedback stress.

After all, who doesn't love themselves some baby animals?

PODFIC FEEDBACK GRAPHICS OF FUN AND PUNS AND BABY ANIMALS )Feel free to snag as many of these images as you find helpful, and use them to tell podficcers how much you love their work. Or make your own, and leave them in the comments below. Let's spread the podfic appreciation, folks!
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This is your Daily Support Post. You can comment here, talking about your project and plans, what you hope to accomplish or what you succeed in accomplishing. You can ask for help and advice or arrange productivity sprints.


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